Shipping Boards up to 6'4" Worlwide & Looking for Distributors!

“At Yaku, we redefine the perception of soft boards in the surfboard industry.
Distancing ourselves from the mass production stereotype,
all our softboards are 100% handcrafted in Peru, by surfers for surfers.
With our patented Flexwrap technology and a sustainable approach,
our boards deliver enhanced performance and durability,
designed to last a lifetime. Our boards won’t ever delaminate!”

Claudio Marsano

“Made by Surfers for Surfers"

Our Patented Technology

The most advanced patented softboard technology, developed to be the only softboard in
the market that will never delaminate.

• 100% Handcrafted in Perú by surfers for surfers.

• Easy repair.

• Air equalizer valve to release the air.

• Drain screw to release water in case of an accident

• Double T Aluminium stringer.

• Hand shapes transition rails.

• EVA Shock abosrber (Nose and Tail).

• Full edge protector.

Our Founder

Claudio Marsano is an avid surfer, skater, mountain biker, snowboarder, musician, and outdoor enthusiast, Yaku Surf became the vehicle for Marsano to express his passion for sharing nature with the world.

Since 2015, he has worked with Carlos Echecopar, surfer and creator of the patented Flexwrap technology.

Greener Construction

By implementing measures such as the use of aluminum stringers instead of wood, eliminating PU foams or resin for glassing, reducing energy production, and ensuring complete recycling of waste, the surfboard construction reduces its overall carbon footprint, resulting in a more environmentally friendly product. Additionally, all supplies are locally sourced in Peru, making the process even more sustainable.

With quality maintenance, our boards are built to last a lifetime. By providing proper care and knowing how to repair in case of  any accident, our boards  can even be passed down to generations. If you no longer want the board, its components are easily disassembled and recyclable, ensuring a sustainable approach to board disposal.

From surfers to surfers

Our boards are 100% handcrafted in Peru from surfers to surfers with precision and care, making each board authentic and truly one-of-a-kind.
At Yaku, we are surfers at heart with a mission to create soft boards that strike the perfect balance between performance and durability maintaining the art of the craft

Innovation is part of our DNA

Our patented «Magic box fin system» allows you to use both single tabl or double tab fins on the same board This system is ideal for wave pools where fins are prone to breaking when hitting the concrete. In the event of a breakage, you can just swap the base with a new one and you’re good to go!