Shipping Boards up to 6'4" Worlwide & Looking for Distributors!

Quiver Review - Flexwrap Technology

Yaku was born in the surfer’s paradise of Peru, where we are revolutionizing the softboard industry with our one-of-a-kind patented technology. Every single Yaku board is 100% handcrafted by surfers in Peru.

We are the first and only soft board manufacturer that truly understands and appreciates the artistry behind surfboard crafting. We take great pride in our work.

Our boards are the only ones that won’t ever delaminate! They are designed to last a lifetime if you take care. We don’t create trash; if you damage your board, just fix it. It’s super easy!

Zen Drip & Jordy Smith’s Flat Jack x Joule Escuza

Joule having fun on the Zen Drip, and Jordy Smith’s Flat Jack on a small day south of Lima.These soft-boards are really different from any other soft-board in the market. The performance, look, and feel of these boards is next level.

Because they are hand-shaped, we pay close attention when creating our outlines. Each board is unique, with different rails, concave and rocker according to the board. The manufacturing process is the same as fiberglass boards. Our purpose behind each board is for our riders to Enjoy the moment with a high-performance, durable, and fun board.

Zen Drip 6’4″
Flat Jack 5’1″