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Jordy Signature Series

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The Flat Jack, built with our Flexwrap technology, is Jordy Smith’s signature model. Jordy rode this board to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics, and he can often be seen riding it at Pipe and Rockys. Fun fact: the Flat Jack was designed by none other than his father, Gee! (SMTH Shapes). This board has a low entry rocker that flows into a speedy flat midsection to generate speed over flat sections and in small waves. The exit rocker or tail curve are designed with a tail flip to get tighter to critical sections in smaller waves and deep double concave for added lift to help hold the rail line in smaller waves. The Flat Jack is a sparky performance board that helps you with speed and flow in small waves, and to be fast in mid to head high surf, but above all, to have incredible fun in the ocean.

Flexwrap patented construction

At Yaku, we redefine the perception of soft boards in the surfboard industry.
Distancing ourselves from the mass production stereotype, all our softboards are 100% handcrafted in Peru, by surfers for surfers.With our patented Flexwrap technology and a sustainable approach, our boards deliver enhanced performance and durability, designed to last a lifetime. Our boards won’t ever delaminate. They are wrapped!

Key Features

(Patented technology)


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less resin than traditional boards

Our boards use 93% less resin than traditional boards because they are not laminated. We only use resin to integrate the double T aluminum stringer into the EPS foam.


Our factory is zero waste. The collected EPS scrap and Vinylflex are sent to our supplier's factory, where they are recycled. The recycled EPS is utilized in the construction industry, while the Vinilflex is transformed into vinyl for PVC flooring applications.

Last for generations

Rather than constantly replacing your soft boards, we design ours to last for generations with proper care. With our focus on repairability, any necessary fixes can be quickly addressed, prolonging its lifespan!

All the materials are 100% locally sourced from Perú.

Pro tip

Our boards won’t ever delaminate, but It’s normal for them to expand slightly in high temperatures. The board will return to its normal state once the air is expelled (automatically) by the air valve. To avoid inflation, loosen the drain screw by three turns. JUST ENSURE TO TIGHTLY ADJUST IT BEFORE SURFING TO AVOID WATER INGRESS.